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a closer look at the Sun


Here's a closer look at the inside of the Sun. Peek beneath the Sun's surface to get a glimpse of its secrets.


A close up of the Solar surface

Credit: SST, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, LMSAL


This illustration summarizes the main features inside the Sun. In its centre mouse over arrow energy is released by nuclear fusion. Further out the energy travels through the radiative zonemouse over arrow and further out still energy is transported by convection mouse over arrow. The energy then reaches the surface and escapes to produce the light and heat we see and feel.


You can find out more about the inside of the Sun by diving beneath the solar surface.


To learn more about the way in which energy is produced and changed in the Sun, check out Jack's explanation of the Sun's energy in our 'Solar Energy chain' section.

  Cross section diagram of the Sun

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