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what are magnetic field lines?


Here’s an experiment for you to try. It’ll show you what magnetic field lines look like (and show you magnetism in action).


Try this expermient!Iron filings on paperYou’ll need iron filings, a piece of paper, a piece of plastic sheeting and a bar magnet. It’s important to remember the plastic sheet in this experiment..unless you’ve got all day to pick filings off a magnet!

1. Take the piece of paper and sprinkle iron filings onto it as shown in the picture here. See how they scatter quite naturally?


2. Now, take a bar magnet, and lay a piece of plastic sheet over the top of it. Sprinkle the iron filings over and ...hey presto! mouse over arrow magnetism in action - with all the field lines too.


Magnetic field lines show the direction and strength of a magnetic field. The closer they appear together, the stronger is the field. They are like the height contours on a map, they don't really exist but are a convenient way to illustrate the (invisible) magnetic field.

If dogs had a north pole at their nose and a south pole at their bottom - which of the pictures would be correct A or B? two dogs facing each other
Dog with North and South poles two dogs facing north
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