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  flowing from the Sun
Solar Storms
The source of the wind
Solar Storms
The source of the wind
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  the source of the solar wind
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  where are coronal holes found?
  how fast does the solar wind travel?
  the elephant's trunk
  the fast and slow solar winds

the source of the solar wind

Jude Hi, we are Jude and Lucy. Our particular interest is not so much in the Sun itself, but in what comes from it - the so-called solar wind Lucy
Did you know that the Sun loses about 4 million tonnies of material every second from it's atmosphere   Hang on, at 4 million tonnes per second, isn't the Sun going to run out of mass soon?Mouseover arrow  

The material blowing away from the Sun is what we call the ‘solar wind’...


No! there's no need to worry - even at that rate the Sun could keep on shinning for about another 300 thousand billion years!


(Don’t forget! A tonne is 1000 kg)


This is an X-ray picture of the Sun. It shows the very hot plasma in the Sun's atmosphere, which we call the corona. Did you notice the big dark region?Mouseover Arrow That is where the solar wind originates.

Coronal Hole

We know that the solar wind originates from the dark areas we call coronal holes

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