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spinning and orbiting Earth


RobertHi there, I’m Robert and I’m going to tell you about spinning and orbiting planet Earth. Did you know that the room you are in right now is actually moving at a huge speed? Not only is the Earth spinning, but the Earth is also orbiting around the Sun at about 30 km/s, and the Sun is moving around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy at 20,000 km/s and the galaxy is ... but let's concentrate on the spinning Earth first.


Even at 30 km/s (that's over 100,000 kilometres an hour) the Earth still takes a year to go all the way around the Sun.



As it spins, the Earth's axis leans over at an angle of about 23 degrees   The Earth completes one full turn about every 24 hours... How many degrees is that per hour
  You may thank your standing still but you're not! Your travelling at hundreds of kilometers an hour, due to the Earth turning on it's axis and orbiting the Sun
This is how fast someone standing on the Earth is moving at different places.   The Earth actually rotates once every 23 hours 56 mins 4.1 seconds, So why doesn't the Earth get out of step with our 24 hour clocks?

None of the nine planets in the solar system orbits the Sun in a circle. Their orbits are elliptical - like a slightly squashed circle shape.

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